Here's how youth in Nyeri are creating rapid responses to COVID-19
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Young People are Leading the Way Against COVID-19. Comprehensive Health ServicesYouth Participation & Leadership
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Youth-led organizations in Nyeri have been quick to take action and respond to the needs of others in the fight against Covid-19

Time to take action for cities

Covid 19 emergency response initiative in Nyeri County has been
effective since its commencement end of May 2020, soon after trending for it’s
innovative solution. This has been done through enforcement of government
directives: hand washing through the use of no contact hands washing stations,
mural, arts, performing talents, provision of face-masks and likes. The
stations are placed in different populated low income areas (informal
settlements) known as: Witemere, Ruringu, Majengo, Jumea and Kiawara slum.


This youth-led program being spearhead by Good Guys Globe Society as the main community youth organization, has two person in each station manning and assisting those using it in case help is needed. These youth and women receive masks, gloves, sanitizers and a token of appreciation for their work. So far over 90,000 hand washes have been recorded.

Nyeri youth to the world

The initiative has also involved the distribution of foodstuffs and masks to the highly vulnerable in the slums. The tents, masks, tables and likes have been locally sourced from Nyeri youth and women hence helping the growth of local startup businesses in the county. The society’s CEO Boniface Ndegwa Ng’ang’a aka BonnyBull invites more partners as he sheds more insight on the experience.



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