June 3, 2020

Kenyan Nonprofit Provides Masks For A Rural Community’s Most Vulnerable

For Grace Adhiambo, the COVID-19 pandemic signaled an end, for now, to her peacebuilding initiative in Kisumu county, Kenya, as the government banned gatherings and non-essential movement. Grace is the founder of Women Volunteers for Peace, an organization that works with the Aga Khan Foundation’s Yetu Initiative. Over the past few years, she has worked with

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Development Policies Must Be Changed Because Of COVID-19

Author: Erik Berg A plan is needed to develop preventive measures for vulnerable groups. 90 percent of Covid-19 cases are found in cities. Expert in Norwegian development research, Gunnar Sørbø, former director of the Christian Michelsen Institute in Bergen, writes in the Norwegian Development Magazine (“Bistandsaktuelt”) on March 12 that the distance in Norwegian development

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