Young Climate Changemakers

Young people are valuable contributors to climate action. They are agents of change, entrepreneurs and innovators. Whether through education, science or technology, young people are scaling up their efforts and using their skills to accelerate climate action.

Youth Climate Changemakers believe in

Partnerships for the Global Goals

Meaningful youth enagement through a partnership between youth-led organizations, local and national governments, and civil society.


Youth and youth-led organizations have the ability to effect change many times the resources invested in them.

Capacity Building for Climate Action

New strategies must be undertaken, and youth will need to have their skills upgraded and new skills learned

Youth Climate Changemakers at Conferences of Parties

Empowering Tomorrow: Youth-Led Initiatives And Insights From COP28

When given the floor, Leah began by  thanking IAAI on behalf of UN-Habitat Youth Advisory Board for allowing her to speak at the event. She underscored the vital role of youth in tackling climate change in cities, emphasizing their capacity to offer innovative solutions for the future. 

Climate Changemaker Leah Namugerwa Speaking at the Opening of COP27

COP27 has been nicknamed “The African COP”. If COP27 is to truly deliver, we must be ready to  face some truth. Some truth is that we have faced decades of inaction from world leaders.

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