Douglas Ragan
Douglas Ragan has worked in youth development with NGOs, local and national governments and the United Nations for the past 25 years. Currently he is the Unit Leader for Youth and Livelihoods for UN-Habitat, managing UN-Habitat’s Global portfolio on youth development in over 75 developing countries. The programmes focus on urban youth development, including youth employment, governance and participation. He manages three flagship youth programmes for UN-Habitat: the Urban Youth Fund, Youth 21 initiative and the One Stop Youth Resource Centres.

Doug has authored and co-authored a number of research and policy publications on urban youth issues faced by marginalized young people in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. Doug holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Latin American Studies, a Master’s Degree in Management for the Voluntary Sector and is currently working undertaking a PhD in urban planning, with a focus on youth-led organizations in slums.

In his previous role as director for the Environmental Youth Alliance from 1991 – 2007, Doug worked with marginalized communities globally such as aboriginal, immigrant and refugee and street youth to develop livelihood programmes. Douglas has also coordinated multi-year programs such as the Growing up in Cities (Canada) program (2003-2005), Youth Action Effecting Change (2002-2004), the Youth Community Asset Mapping Program (2002-2004) and Get Out! Olympic Youth Legacy program (2005).