FAQ Minecraft

My team can’t afford Minecraft licenses, can we still participate?
Yes! Our team has a number of free licenses that we can lend out to teams who are not able to afford them. If you would like to participate but are unable to purchases licenses please reach out to our team via our “contact us” and tell us why you want to participate!

Can I run Minecraft on my computer?
If you’re not sure, the minimum recommended specifications for Minecraft Java edition are listed on Minecraft’s website here. You can also check canIrunit.com.

Minecraft runs slow on my system, what can I do?
There are several things that you can try to make Minecraft run faster on your system. We list them all in our installing Minecraft tutorial.

Which version of Minecraft Java edition should I use?
While you’re free to use any edition of Java that you53e comfortable with, we recommend using Version 1.18.2. All our pre-built maps were built in that version. Additionally if you plan to use mods like Worldedit, we recommend 1.18.2 as it is a stable build with extensive technical support from the community.

How do I install Version 1.18.2 from the Minecraft Launcher?
Installing different instances of Minecraft is very easy. From the Main launcher page, click the Installations tab > New Installation > Give the installation a name > Version (type 1.18 into the bar) > Create. Then just open the installation on the play screen.

Do I need an internet connection to play Minecraft?
You will need an internet connection to download and install Minecraft. If you plan to build cooperatively with a team, then you will need an internet connection for Multiplayer. Unless you’re all sitting nearby, in which case you can use a LAN connection for Multiplayer. If you are building in Singleplayer no connection is needed.

How do I load a world into Minecraft?
Loading a world into Minecraft is different for PC and MacOS. You can find instructions for both on our Articulate tutorial here.

If I want to build a new world based on my city, how can I do that?
The process is a lot more involved and requires the use of 3rd party applications and the Worldedit mod. You can follow our advanced Minecraft build tutorial.

How do I export my world?
You can find your world file by going to Singleplayer (or multiplayer), locating the save file with your build and clicking edit > Open World folder. Compress everything in this folder into a .zip or .rar file.