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Helping the most vulnerable in times of need, operating for the well-being of all the communities. VOCIES OF YOUTH (in this story of success, young people address a reader on behalf of themselves)


Team: Kafe be Kafak

Country: Lebanon

City: Beirut

Start: 01/04/2020

End: 31/12/2022 (exp.)

SDGs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 10


Against the backdrop of the economic crisis, “Kafe be Kafak” initiative (“Hand in Hand”) was born. It was launched in April 2020 by a group of 6 young change makers coming from different nationalities & religions to help families living under the poverty line all over Lebanon survive through the toughest times. 

Our Vision is to create a Lebanon in which every individual lives in dignity & security regardless of one’s race, religion or nationality. Our Values are: Equity, Inclusiveness Transparency, Empathy and Compassion. In 5 years, we see our initiative as an organisation operating for the well-being of all the communities in Lebanon and we see Kafe be Kafak going global helping families in need not only in Lebanon but outside too. We hope to end hunger, reduce poverty and bring back the dignity lost.

Description of the intervention

We couldn’t stand doing nothing, seeing our people suffering everyday from the COVID19 pandemic consequences to the Beirut Blast, economic collapse and political conflicts. We collect donations from people residing in Lebanon and outside in order to help back families and refugees in need regardless of their nationalities, ethnicity, gender.

We are a visionary team of young individuals from different religions, sects & nationalities aiming to pull families out of poverty and we are relentlessly committed to providing utmost equity & excellence in the smallest details of our work.

Our name “Kafe Be Kafak” portrays our mission which is empowering people to help each other. our approach is to create an independent united community by mobilising local volunteers, change agents who share with us the same vision in every corner, in cities and in rural areas. We work on raising awareness about the sustainable development goals and we invite people to know more about the world’s to-do list in our mission.

Key achievements

Over the past one and a half year, we were able to support 15,000 individuals in need in different ways: either distributing food parcels, covering medication and hospitalisation fees, covering education fees for students who left because of their economic status and rehabilitating houses affected by the blast that happened in August 2020 and covering rent fees for families who were forced to leave their homes due to the economic situation. In addition, we support families on a monthly basis by covering their medication bills, milk and diapers distribution in addition to covering rent fees.


Our initiative is bringing youth from all over Lebanon to support in achieving one goal: building Lebanon forward. We started as a small group of changemakers and we grew day after day to reach a big community of volunteers ready to help and support their country anywhere, anytime. 

Ever since the volunteers started with us, we worked on changing their attitudes towards the real change and we encouraged them to be global goals advocates and giving back to their country.

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