Marcus Barão
Brazilian National Youth Council (CONJUVE)

Marcus Barão is a young generation leader committed to building a better world. He is a Vice President of Brazilian National Youth Council (CONJUVE), which formulates and proposes guidelines for public youth policies in Brazil, to develop studies and research on the socioeconomic reality of Brazilian young people and to promote exchanges between national and international youth organizations. He was General Coordinator of the World Junior Business Conference, President of Brasil Júnior, Coordinator of the Entrepreneurial Alliance, and a Consultant at UNESCO. He represented Brazilian youth and participated in youth initiatives in countries like China, Russia, East Timor, São Tomé and Príncipe, Portugal, Spain, United States and Argentina. He is currently President of the Youth Forum of Portuguese Speaking Countries, Delegate of Brazil for Y20 – G20 Youth and national coordinator of the Youth Pact for the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).