The Young Gamechanger Initiatives consists of 7 co-working studios throughout which the Young Gamechangers will be equipped with digital engagement tools: 

Young Gamechangers Initiative - Process

Digital engagement

Before each co-working studio, young gamechangers acquire digital skills through a series of Training of Trainers and self-pace learning modules that will be used throughout the project lifecycle. This will enable them to lead the engagement processes with the young population in the upcoming studios.

Understanding youth ecosystem

The baseline study provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of young people’s involvement in governance in the city. It sheds light on existing policies, programming, and frameworks that impact their engagement, as well as the use of digital tools, public space, and amenities design.

City-wide assessment

Through a fieldwork assessment, young people will identify key areas for improvement and model them using Minecraft. These models will then be uploaded onto a digital platform for voting, ensuring that prioritized public spaces are selected through a democratic process.

Site-specific assessment

The Public Space Site-specific Assessment (PSSA) consists of a series of activities and tools to understand the quality of public spaces and participate in the design of the site. The PSSA provides high quality quantitative and qualitative data gathered by young people using less expensive tools.

Minecraft co-design workshop

The participatory workshops, using Minecraft, bring people together to visualize their urban design ideas and needs in Minecraft, and present these to city authorities and local government officials. Building in Minecraft allows people to explore the merits of various alternatives and visualize their ideas.

Architecture design studio

The architects and public health professionals develop more concrete and detailed proposals based on the final Minecraft model and outline ways forwards in terms of implementation, with young people following through the entire process and acquiring their first-hand experience on designing public spaces.

Tactical placemaking

Collaborative people-centered process of planning, designing and managing public spaces, done with young people. The implementation of the tactical placemaking projects will be closely followed up by the design local team.

Youth governance and city system

Youth, local authorities and other relevant stakeholders come together to develop policy recommendations for local and national decision-makers and guidelines for implementing actors that help them better deliver youth-friendly urban environments.

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Young Gamechangers Initiative seeks to improve the health and well-being of young people in intermediary cities in India, Senegal and Colombia. Funded by Fondation Botnar, the project is led by UN-Habitat in collaboration with Block by Block Foundation and being implemented with a range of private and public partners including the World Health Organization (WHO), local governments in the selected cities and local youth-led organizations.