Yücel Yılmaz
Mayor of Balikesir Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey

Yücel Yılmaz who was born in Germany in 1975 is from Yıldız Village of Susurluk. He was graduated from elementary school, secondary school and high school in Balıkesir and he was graduated from Anadolu University’s deparment of English Teaching. During his university years he led university’s student councils .After he was graduated from university, he worked in various schools affiliated with Ministry of National Education as an English Teacher.

YDS brand was founded in Balıkesir, he made his company stand out amongst foreign language education companies. YDS Academy Language Schools which serves in 8 different cities producing and selling questions for language exams all over the country. He has brought a new breath of fresh air to language teaching sector in Turkey with YDS Foreign Education Consultancy.

Yücel Yılmaz, who has also a company in England, continues his success in business life in various Civil Society Organizations. As Turkish Union of Chambers and Commondity Exchanges delegate, he has represented Balıkesir in Turkish Union of Chambers and Commondity Exchanges.