Public Speaking and Civic Leadership Training for Youth

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Working with adolescents and youth in peri-urban and rural areas to build their capacities to speak up and take on leadership positions


Team: Young African Leaders Initiative CHAD

Country: Chad

City: N’djamena

Start: 21/12/2021

End: 31/12/2022 (exp.)

SDGs: 4, 13


Young people represent 60% of the Chadian population, young people under 20 are faced with many challenges, including those relating to access to information and basic social services.

Young people are key drivers of inclusive growth and development. When young people are engaged and empowered, society is more cohesive and resilient and democracy more vibrant.

By 2027, 100,000 teenagers and young people will participate in decision-making for the fight against global warming.

Currently, we are organising to work with adolescents (teens) and young people in peri-urban and rural areas for the mobilisation of adolescents and young people through awareness campaigns and capacity building in Climate Action. The program has 5 components: Capacity Building, Teens and Youth Forum on Climate Action, Conference debate, Community work on Environment and Monitoring Assessment. 


The priority stakeholders are schools and community leaders. The activities take place in the schools targeted by the project through intervention methodologies: educational animation session, health day and community civic work.

The initiative will contribute to the implementation of the sustainable development plan initiated by the district council of the city of N’djamena by organising the evening for fundraising to support youth initiatives for the fight against climate change and poverty.

Description of the project

The project allows adolescents and young people to become fully involved in society by creating appropriate tools to support their initiatives, their creativity and exercise their citizenship.

Overall objectives: contribute to the capacity building of adolescents and young people in public speaking and civic leadership.

Specific objectives are:

1) make adolescents and young people aware of environmental issues and sustainable development;

2) promote the commitment and participation of adolescents and young people.

There is a particular methodology in conducting each session. The work reference is listed in the Agenda 2030 for achieving the sustainable development goals. The youth group works with local experts on capacity building for young people. All the training programs are in line with the target indicators of SDGs 2030.

Key achievements

The project to be carried out 20 session of the training workshop, 10 session of personalized coaching on civic leadership. The project to carry out sustainable actions with the community, by offering teaching materials to the school. The school which has 200 students.

Low skills perpetuate poverty and inequality. When done right, skills development can reduce un- and underemployment, increase productivity, and improve standards of living. Helping people develop and update their skills makes economic sense.

50 teenagers and young people have benefited from the Public speaking workshop. Currently 20% of young people have become leaders in schools. Young people have benefited a lot from skills in social mobilisation and awareness on environmental protection. After the training, many of the young people say that they are aware of environmental protection and sustainable development.

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