Empowering Indigenous Voices: Youth, Culture, and Sustainable Development

20 September 2023, New York. – “Good morning,” Lenin Zambrano began, the anticipation in the room palpable. He continued, “I am Lenin Zambrano, and I am deeply honored to be here today to represent the Living Museum Otavalango, an organization dedicated to preserving the culture, tradition, and life of our indigenous peoples.” As a proud

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Lenin Zambrano at 2023 UN-Habitat Assembly

Bridging the Gap: Indigenous Wisdom and Collaborative Action for Sustainable Urbanization

7 June 2023, Nairobi. – At the heart of the assembly, the High-Level Dialogue on “A sustainable urban future through inclusive and effective multilateralism: achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in times of global crises,” provided a platform for Member States, key stakeholders, and various actors to engage in substantive discussions on sustainable urbanization. The aim

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Discussing Indigenous Youth Mental Health and Well-Being

10 April 2021, Nairobi. – Youth mental health and well-being is a crucial topic globally, particularly today, due to the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has been greatly influenced by the increased loss of jobs, unemployment, lack of access to basic resources, increased inequality and uncertainty of the future among others. However, Indigenous young people

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Emma Stevens At The Opening Of The UN-Habitat Assembly

Kwe’! Ni’n teluisi Emma Stevens aqq tle’wi Essisoqnik, Mi’kma’ki, Kanata.  Hello everyone! My name is Emma Stevens, and I feel truly honored to have been invited here today, to speak and perform for you all at this incredible event, here in the beautiful country of Kenya. This is my first time being abroad and I

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