Promising Practices

Collecting and showcasing inspiring practices

Promising Practices are youth-led engagements with their communities that show potential for achieving Sustainable Development Goals. Identifying, nurturing and celebrating youth initiative is critical to building sustainable cities and communities.

Promising Practices of Youth in Sustainable Development

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Working with adolescents and youth in peri-urban and rural areas to build their capacities to speak up and take on leadership positions Snapshot Team: Young African Leaders Initiative CHAD Country: Chad City: N’djamena Start: 21/12/2021 End: 31/12/2022 (exp.) SDGs: 4, 13 Background Young people represent 60% of the Chadian population, young people under 20 are

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Offering quality Kichwa language classes to local children and youth, connecting generations and rescuing the indigenous Kichwa culture Snapshot Team: Otavalango Project Country: Ecuador City: Otavalo Start: 05/07/2021 End: 29/07/2022 (exp.) SDGs: 4, 5, 10, 11 Background The city of Otavalo, Ecuador, is home to 125 indigenous communities. In the past decades, they have witnessed

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Putting girls back to school and mobilizing the quality participation of young people in public center of decision-making Snapshot Team: Association of Multi-Purpose Relays Country: Senegal City: Thies Start: 27/08/2021 End: 31/12/2024 (exp.) SDGs: 3, 4, 5, 10 Background Association of Multi-Purpose Relays is an umbrella association uniting eleven civil society groups of young people,

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Increasing drivers’ awareness of road traffic risks around schools by school students empowered to speak up about road safety issues. VOCIES OF YOUTH (in this story of success, young people address a reader on behalf of themselves) Snapshot Team: Amend Road Safety Ghana Country: Ghana City: Accra Start: 01/07/2021 End: 17/03/2022  SDG: 3 Background Kids

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Helping the most vulnerable in times of need, operating for the well-being of all the communities. VOCIES OF YOUTH (in this story of success, young people address a reader on behalf of themselves) Snapshot Team: Kafe be Kafak Country: Lebanon City: Beirut Start: 01/04/2020 End: 31/12/2022 (exp.) SDGs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 10 Background Against

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Key Outputs

Compendium of Promising Practices

An exemplary set of practises developed with and by youth focusing on various areas where sustainable action is needed.

Community of Practices Platform

Community engagement and learning platform that promotes and supports youth-led action in cities and communities.

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